Practitioner terms and conditions

Hero practitioner’s responsibilities

  • Hold throughout the term all licenses with all relevant regulatory boards and or other bodies, councils, or authorities necessary to enable you to legally practice and deliver the relevant healthcare services in the jurisdiction in which you operate. This includes working in premises registered with the CQC
  • Maintain all qualifications, certifications, license and permits necessary for you to provide the relevant healthcare services to members of the public and notify us of any changes to these that might impact on your ability to provide care. This includes any breaches of the law, or claims for misconduct or professional negligence.
  • Ensure that you update your availability in a timely way, by calling your practice admin
  • Encourage patient use of the website
  • Not use the appointment plug in to arrange appointments with non-users
  • Not use the appointment plug in to deliberately see patients without taking payment
  • Notify us of any problems with the service or complaints from users.
  • Take sole responsibility for provision of healthcare and managing its relationship with patients. Hero is not party to any dealings arrangements agreements or similar between practitioner and patient and must not attempt to bind Hero in any way.
  • Assume complete responsibility for the collection of fees i.e., by billing patients within the appointment - Hero does not accept any responsibility for bad debt that is the outcome of practitioners not billing patients at the time of service delivery [does not apply to salaried practitioners]

Hero Health’s services to practitioner

  • Hero will make available the practitioner’s availability and services provided
  • Where possible Hero will ensure pre-payment is made for on line bookings
  • In the event that pre-payment is not possible, Hero will not allow booking without a written guarantee of payment.
  • Hero services do not include any support required to integrate the services with the practitioners medical software

Pathology services

  • Hero practitioners agree to only using the doctors laboratory pathology services.
  • Practitioners must arrange for collection of samples
  • Practitioners must note on request form that bills must be sent to the Hero Health account
  • Practitioners must take payment for all pathology items ordered through the software. If for any reason this is not possible an over-ride code must be obtained and written on the request form. Any pathology sent to the lab that has not been pre-paid for or does not have an override code will be charged to the practitioner. [not applicable to salaried practitioners]

Payment terms [not salaried practitioners]

Hero Health will be paid for all invoiced items on the last Friday of the month. To allow for processing of payments Hero will make payment for invoices from the 16th day of the previous month to the 15th day of the payment month. The details of the payment terms will be set out in a separate document.

Payment processing

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